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9 Reasons Why You Should Attend Conference in Malaysia

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Sometimes research life can be so stressful.

I know because I am part of the system.

Do you know stress can increase the risk of developing depression if you don’t overcome it?

Do you know constantly feeling stressed could also lead to heart attack and stroke?

Let me suggest you one thing to overcome your stress.

Come to Malaysia for your perfect, wonderful and memorable experiences. You can come here to attend conference. After your conference ends, do explore Malaysia.

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider coming to attend conference and explore Malaysia.

1. Great scholars

QS World University Rankings ranks several universities in Malaysia in their top 200 list. These universities have attracted so many great minds and talents (locals and internationals) to come working here. Attending conference in Malaysia would definitely give you chance to meet and probably initiate collaboration with these brilliant scholars.   

University of Malaya currently being ranked at 70th place by QS World University Ranking

2. Low cost

Without doubt, accommodation and flight ticket from your countries to Malaysia would be the biggest expenses in your budget. As these are usually covered by your university or government, then why not spending extra money you have to explore more places in Malaysia.

Our currency is low compared to the developed countries. So, if you are from such countries it would be very cheap for you to travel around. 5-star hotels would only cause you around 100-150 USD. Since our tourism industry is booming, competition amongst hotel operators are very aggressive that the qualities of the hotels are very good yet reasonably priced. Staying at 3-star hotel would give you comfortable enough experience.

And if you would like to bring your family, maybe staying at homestay would also be a good idea. You can book your homestay through AirBnB and get discounted rates if you are first time user. Click here to register and get the discount.     

Food here is also very cheap. You need less than 10-15 USD to cover your breakfast, lunch and dinner if you eat local food.

Still, if you are not from those developed countries, visiting our country is still affordable as we have many choices for accommodation and food.

3. Malaysian food is the most awesome in the world

Satay is different from the Middle Eastern cuisine, kebab
Nasi lemak used to be served only during breakfast but now, you can find them anytime

I have travelled to many countries.

And I must say, their food could not be compared to ours. Not even close!

Do you know why we have great food?

Because we are so passionate about food. We love to eat. In fact, eating has become a way for us to explore new places. Malaysians sometimes simply make 2-hour trips just to try out cuisines in that place. Crazy right?    

What more, Malaysia is a multiracial country. We have 3 major races; Malay, Chinese and Indian. As a result some of our food is a fusion of each race.

If you do come here, try out nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, nasi beriyani, nasi kandar, satay, ais kacang, cendol, noodle soup and Hainanese chicken rice. 

4. Tallest twin tower in the world and beautiful buildings (Wonderful Landmarks)

Definitely you want to show-off your experience in Malaysia in social media right?

We have the tallest twin tower in the world, Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower. And the same Prime Minister who instructed for the construction of the building is now leading Malaysia again as the Prime Minister.  

Show-off your picture in front of Petronas Twin Tower in your social media

You should also go to Putrajaya. It is the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. So many beautiful buildings and landscapes there.

One of the mosque in Putrajaya (photo by: Izzudin Helmi Adnan)

5. Beautiful islands

If you are into diving or snorkeling activities, then we have many islands to offer. Depending on your budget, you can visit small islands like Perhentian Island, Tioman Island or Redang Island in Terengganu. Semporna or Mabul Island in Sabah.  

Sipadan and Mabul Island in Sabah are for those who love diving activities

6. Highest mountains in S.E, Gunung Kinabalu

If you are into hiking or adventurous activity, I highly recommend you to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. The mountain is the highest in south east Asia. It takes 2-day of climbing to arrive at the peak.

Me and my friends on top of Mount Kinabalu in 2013

7. English is widely used

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) is the official language of the country. But most of Malaysian can speak English. Even in rural area, people can somehow understand if you speak English.

8. Public transportation is good

In big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, you can get around using monorail, light train, grabcar, taxis or buses operating within the city. If you intend to go to city outside Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, you have option like train, buses or flight. For buses, trains and flight, you can pre-book your ticket online. The price is very reasonable and provides comfortable services.

9. Good weather throughout the years

Raining sometimes can ruin your plan. But don’t worry, raining does not pour every day. The weather is humid and not very hot with the temperatures ranging from 24°C to 33°C during the day time.

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